This web-site is devoted to the mobilization of honest people for non-violent resistance against the corrupt, criminal, and/or even treasonous politicians and their wire-pullers who threaten ALL of us AROUND THE WORLD!



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Unfortunately, this is not only a JOKE! It is also a harsh REALITY!

The political parties are obviously bought off by powerful special interest groups.

We can no longer afford to simply “vote for the lesser of two evils”.

We need a FUNDAMENTAL change. We need a REAL alternative.

Everybody knows that …

 Globalization = Economic Slavery + Ethnic Genocide

 System Parties = Stooges of Special Interest Groups

 A genuine ALTERNATIVE = the ONLY Solution!



 An Introduction to Our Organization

   We seek DOERS as opposed to TALKERS!

   Our operation is global. Our volunteers live in many different countries, speak different languages, belong to different ethnic groups with different cultures, embrace different religious beliefs, are confronted with widely varying degrees of repression from their governments, have diverse talents, and possess different levels of skill. (Especially language skills and computer skills!) Our “methodology” takes all of these factors into consideration!

   This brief introduction includes five sections: a) 2015 Progress Report, b) An Inside Look at Our Operation, 3) Security for Beginners, 4) “First Contact” with Your Team Leader, and 5) Verification.


 I. 2015 Progress Report


   We made great progress in 2015!

   In March we revived our periodicals. Originally a quarterly publication was planned, but we almost immediately advanced to monthly publication. And indeed in several language editions. In the following ten months 86 issues in 16 languages appeared. (However, at present only half of these language editions can be viewed as “regular”.)

   In 2015 we printed 134 books in four languages. We had already published most of them, so this means we simply printed more copies. However, there were also several new titles. For example, our first EIGHT books in the Italian language and the seven volumes of an English translation.

   Note: These figures do not include over 20 other books that have been printed, but not yet bound. Among these are the first few of the twelve volumes of our Spanish/Portuguese dual language edition of the Heinrich Hoffmann picture books. (We published the German/English dual language edition several years ago.) Nor do they include DOZENS of new book translations ready to print as soon as funds permit.

   We owe this tremendous upsurge, above all, to a very successful recruitment campaign. Our co-workers are by far our most valuable asset. In the long-run, they are far more important than the periodicals and books published this year!


II. An Inside Look at Our Operation

 Let us start with an analogy!

   Once upon a time there was a “consulting firm”. This firm operated on a global scale. In and of itself, this may not sound too unusual. Especially today. Nonetheless, this firm was unusual. Even by today’s standards.

   The clients of this consulting firm were primarily small businesses and non-profit organizations in Europe. The firm itself was based in the USA, where freedom of speech and – by European standards – minimal government regulation gave it a major advantage over European-based firms.

  The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this firm was a “German-American”. Or, more accurately, an “Amerikadeutscher” or “Auslandsdeutscher.”

   This firm’s co-workers fell into various categories: a) “business associates” and “independent contractors”, b) “volunteers” who sympathized with the personal beliefs of the firm’s CEO, c) “volunteers” who were aligned with groups with similar beliefs, and d) people who simply believed in the ideal of free speech and who wanted to protest against the suppression of free speech. Regardless of ideology.

   The very close cooperation of all these diverse elements inside the same firm had both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are obvious. The disadvantages included SECURITY!

   Therefore, the firm took very strict security precautions. (For example, even internally only “nicknames” were used instead of real names.) These precautions may have seemed excessive. Especially to Americans living inside America. Nonetheless, the risk of “cross-contamination” and the potential “trace back” of especially electronic communications forced the firm to take these precautions.

Now let’s take a closer look “inside” this firm!

   For the sake of our illustration here, we will use a fictional American named “Joe.”

   Joe contacted the firm and said he wanted to do volunteer work.

   He received a reply that included the following:

   First, he was asked about his skills, interests, and the kind of work he would like to do.

   Second, he was offered his first “assignment.” (Of course, he was free to either accept or reject any assignment. If he accepted, he was requested to provide an ETA.)

   Third, he was told a little about the firm’s security precautions.

   When Joe’s first assignment was described, he was told this task was “easy, but boring.” He accepted.

   Joe diligently performed his indeed “easy, but boring” task. It was now clear to him that this was indeed “work”. Not “fun and games”. But Joe was a dedicated idealist. Not a hobbyist. So he didn’t mind.

   Joe looked at it this way. This “grunt work” had to be done by somebody. Besides, this gave the “new guy” a chance to prove he was a “doer” and not a ”talker”.

   Eventually Joe was offered another assignment. He accepted it. This assignment was neither as easy nor as boring as the first one. But it was not difficult. Joe told himself: “Okay! Now I have graduated from boot camp.”

   A year passed. Joe was very pleased. He had done and learned a lot during this time. He understood how his work had contributed to the firm’s impressive progress. He saw concrete results. He knew he had played a meaningful role. His assignments were gradually becoming more interesting. He liked doing them!

   There were many people like Joe in the firm.

   Of course, “Joe” is a fictional character. But his story is based on real people and real events!


III. Security for Beginners

    FIRST: Do not reveal your real identity to anybody! Do not provide any clues to your identity! We do not need to know your real identity! We only need a reliable means of communication with you.

   SECOND: Tell us a "nickname" for yourself for internal use. It should not be a) too conspicuous, 2) too common or 3) too long.

   THIRD: Electronic communications (email, telephone etc.) are never 100% safe! If you use electronic communication, be extra careful.

   FOURTH: We recommend you get an email account on in Switzerland. It is free. However, there is a waiting period. At present, this waiting period is usually one to two weeks. 

   FIFTH: We also recommend you get a secondary email address on a different server. Preferably a server in a different country. [At present, we do not have a "preferred" "secondary" email provider. Nonetheless, here are two candidates. 1) has very good security, but it has significant "size limitations" and is somewhat complicated. 2) has a free version, but it does not include email service! Only internal contacts. The premium version allows email, but it is not free.]

   SIXTH: We recommend you install and use the THOR browser. It is free and easy to use.

   IMPORTANT: These email addresses should not provide any clues as to your real identity or beliefs!

    None of the above security precautions cost any money, take much time to implement, or are hard to use. [For information on additional security measures see our Security Manual for Computers at as well as any later updates.]      

    These measures are designed for YOUR safety…AND for the safety of your CO-WORKERS!  


 IV. “First Contact” with Your Team Leader

    When you accept an assignment you will be put into direct contact with a liaison or team leader. This person needs the following information:

    First: Your primary and/or secondary inconspicuous (!) email address(es).

   Second: Your internal “nickname”.

   Third: Your shared language for communication.

   Fourth: Knowledge of skills relevant to the task.

   Please do NOT reveal your real identity or clues!

   The team leader will serve as your supervisor, instructor, liaison to the rest of the team, and coordinator of the team.


V. Verification

    Our firm’s President provides his real identity. You can research him and verify his authenticity yourself! Start with this brief introduction: .

   Here is something he wrote:

    A Note to Friend AND Foe Alike!

   ANY two people in the world will AGREE on some things…and DISAGREE on some things.

If they concentrate on the things they DO agree on, they might get something done…But if they concentrate on the things they do NOT agree on…then they will just argue, probably not convert the other fellow anyway, and NOT get anything done.

   If you “like the message, but not the messenger”, then consider this.

   Why the heck aren’t the “NORMAL” politicians dealing effectively with these issues?

   Obviously, they’re NOT taking enough heat!

   However, we will change that!

   When “controversial” people work together on a shared concern – especially then they’re usually on OPPOSITE sides on almost every other issue (!) – the “heat” goes up exponentially!

   Let’s “agree to disagree” on other issues…but work together for the common good, when and where it’ll make the world a better place! – Gerhard Lauck


Contact: [email protected]